Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Revisited

We went to Irvine Park Railroad pumpkin patch, and it might just be the best place on earth. Alexis loved it! There were a ton of kids around for her to run up to and say "hi".- I always feel so bad for her because she will say Hi to everyone she walks near and more than half the time they don't her so she stands there holding her little hands together and looking up with her big eyes and says "hi" in her little voice to no response. So I walk around all day greeting her back when she doesn't get an answer and I think half of Southern California must think I am some sort of crazy lady.- Anyway back to the pumpkin patch. It was especially nice because Jess and Nicky came down and played with us and the pumpkins! Matt also just HAD to have the hugest pumpkin known to man. If we want to put it on display we are going to have to build an arena sized stage for this monster! I haven't seen him so excited about something in a while, ear to ear grinning! There were a bunch of picture cutouts that everyone had fun goofing around with and a hay maze that I took Alexis into and we managed to find our way out the right way, instead of climbing over the walls of hay like she was so determined to do ( I just don't know why that child feels the need to scale any obstacle, chair or wall she comes in contact with, I swear she is a spider baby in disguise!) All in all it was a fun day and it did the trick, Alexis Matt and I all slept like rocks that night!

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Kristin Maverick said...

My head just exploded. She is unreal. Cannot wait for the Halloween photos of little Miss Alexis. Maybe Matt can wear that pumpkin?