Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday at the beach!

Since we moved out here, even before we moved out here, all we hear from everyone is "On a clear day you can see Catalina from here" Now we heard this no matter what town we were in. If you are within 2 miles of the beach you can be sure that on a clear day you can see Catalina. Well so far everyday we have been here has been sunny. No clouds in the sky and the bright sun shining down on our skeptical little east coast faces, and still no sign of the illusive Catalina Island. It has become a bit of a running joke between us, we wake up on a particularly beautiful day and say "I bet Catalina is looking lovely today" or some other sarcastic comment. Well it has finally happened... WE HAVE SEEN CATALINA!!! it isn't an island on a sneaky turtle's shell, always shifting to keep us on our toes! We went to Huntington Beach with Alexis yesterday to get some beach time in and right in back of the pier we saw it! and it was bigger than we expected! there was a curtain of haze between us and the Island but it was there! At first I thought it was a barge, but after being (teased) very nicely corrected by Matt we realized we were indeed looking at Catalina! Well it just about made our weekend! The Californians haven't been lying to us, you really can see Catalina from"here" on a clear day! Well either that or we have been drinking the water here for long enough that we are having the same hallucinations... I'm going to go with we saw the island! Here are some pictures of our day at the beach. if you look very closely at the ones with the water in the background you can see the veiled Catalina!

Isn't this picture pretty? my husband the photographer!


Victoria said...

in santa cruz, the joke is that you can see hawaii...but what you actually see is monterey...come visit!!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

This made me laugh. We used to live in Huntington. Its true you can see catalina, but also true it has to be a VERY clear day.