Monday, March 30, 2009


Alexis has had her first adventure into "Milk's favorite cookie" and it was a slam dunk! she loved them, not that I am surprised she is My child. she made a gigantic mess and loved her oreo mustache. yummm yummm all this cookie talk is making me hungry I think Mommy is going to go have one.


Nothing like a little baby-bedhead to start out your day and week! This is the adorable sight I get the pleasure of viewing every morning. Alexis got the curse of my Ultra Fine hair and some curly on top of that, J&J No More Tangles is going to be our bestfriend in a few years when it really starts growing, but until then I will just sit back and take her picture for embarassment later in life, hee heehee

Thursday, March 19, 2009


welcome back computer!

After almost four weeks without my computer, the powers that be at Best Buy have decided to bestow my belongings back onto me. HAPPY DANCE!!! Since I've been absent from the wonderful world of blogging we have had a great time. The weather is starting to warm up. It is in the 70's this week, love it! Lexi and I also took a trip east to Florida for a visit with family and Shamu! It was a great trip. We went to Sea World in Orlando and Alexis discovered a new found love for giant sea mammals. She was wide-eyed and opened-mouthed through the whole Shamu show and was so excited to wtch the dolphin and birds. She had a great time visiting with Poppy, Maude, Uncle Ian and Aunt Ro... oh and of course Kudja. Her obsession with doggies reached a new height after spending a week with Kudja. She is still asking for the doggie everytime she wakes up from a nap or gets out of her crib in the morning. I think our pet-free days are numbered. We will hold off as long as possible by distracting her with her fish, Stew. that would be a fish named Stew... not fishstew. ew. alright that is all for now I am going to go outside with Alexis and enjoy this beyootiful weather!