Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who Needs a Bathing Suit?! Not Lexi!

So I've been having an off week. Lost my phone, like legit lost it. Two weeks before I can trade it in for a new phone (I was not lying about my electronic dysfunction in my previous post). So after another frustrating and unfruitful search this morning I drove an hour and a half up to LA for a dentist appointment. I need a root canal. It's only Tuesday. So here is a pic mainly to cheer me up, but also to put a smile on your face! A little back story: insert rippling effect here: A few weeks ago I took Lex to the park, in a heat wave. We have an awesome park up the street that is under a Giant shade tent. I thought we would be good in the shade, we weren't, It was a Southern California Heat Wave and I must have taken a delusion pill with my breakfast that morning. Well at the same park there is a pool, Lexi didn't have a bathing suit, just the Hello Kitty dress she was wearing. If you think a little thing like proper attire was going to stop me from letting the munchkin take a dip in the pool, you are clearly a better parent than I. We strolled into the extremely crowded pool area and she splashed and cooled for 20 minutes while the smart moms gave me curious looks. Alexis thought it was the greatest thing in the world. which brings me to our next bathing suit-free outing to The Irvine Spectrum Center. They have awesome fountains that the kids all run through, a ferris wheel, and a huge carousel (Have I mentioned I love where we live?!) We went for a quick clothing exchange and of course we couldn't leave without a jaunt through the fountains! At least this time I had a dry change of clothes in the car, like that would have stopped us! Here is my little girl, learning to go against the norm! Cheers to raising a happy, unique child!
There's that smile I've been waiting for!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I know, I'm a horrible liar. I said months ago (7, I believe) that I was starting this blog up again and then didn't do anything for it. Shame on me! I'm going to blame it on my computer and the fact that it kicked the bucket after 4 1/2 years of facebooking, googling, homeworking, picture uploading, and various other internet related activities. To be honest it is nothing short of a small miracle that the computer lasted me so long. I am slightly famous in small circles (family and friends) for having the worst possible luck with anything electronic. Worst.Luck. I am well known to kill anything that requires a battery. I'm fairly certain that my picture is hanging in every break room of every Best Buy in the country with a warning about my electronic killing spree. Case and point; my Dad got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas, I just replaced it for the 3rd time last week. I'm like that Elmira cartoon from Looney Tunes, I love my electronics to death.
poor electronics... My wonderful and hopeful husband bought me a Macbook for our 5 year anniversary. Yipppeeee!!! I now have a computer with memory so I can upload pictures! I couldn't be more excited! There will now be a new peace in the house without me cursing and threatening my computer, It's like a whole new world! that's all for now because my darling munchkin needs to get out of the house before one of us goes crazy! More soon, I mean it this time!!