Friday, October 17, 2008

Ohhh Al

I don't get to watch the Today show all that much anymore, But Lexi is sleeping in this morning so I get to watch it!! It always strikes me hilarious how inappropriate some of Al Roker's comments are. Something about watching Matt, Meredith and Ann (yes I am on a first name basis with my buds up in New York) flounder at what to say to his comments just puts me in a good mood. He just has less censors than everyone else, this morning for example they were doing an interview with two actors from the new Robinson Crusoe show, two good-looking guys, and everyone was standing outside shivering from the cold. Well they start the interview and the guy that plays Crusoe is wearing a button down shirt that is buttoned halfway to his bellybutton (not that I was complaining!) and leave it to Al at the end of the interview to call him out on it! "If it had been a little bit warmer he would have unbottoned the whole shirt" oh Al! This is a mild example of his spunk, Matt loves Al and could probably come up with better examples than that but he is in the shower. just thought I would share the little spark that makes my morning!

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