Thursday, October 23, 2008

good-bye communication

My computer is going into the shop tomorrow, again. blah! and my phone is lost, double blah! I guess I will find out very quickly what is was like to live in the early 80's. If only I could find myself a larger phone, I wouldn't lose mine all the time. I wonder where this girl got hers, it even comes with it's own carrying case!! MUST.FIND.80'S.PHONE.


Kristin Maverick said...

I figured something had happened. I'm going to buy you a velcro strap and then put velcro on all of your devices.

Did Lexi pull the laptop off the table again?

alicia426 said...

haha, not this time, the chargerhasstoppedworking unless the computer is shut off, and my space bar keeps getting stuck (obviously)