Saturday, October 11, 2008

2 + 2= what the he**

I joined this online community called Cafemom, I love it.... but anyway one of the Mom's posted a problem from her 2nd grader's math homework tonight. this is the question:

Pat's favorite number has a 2 in the ones place. Think of the next number.
what is this number?

the wording alone confused the heck out of me. after thinking about it for five minutes I got the right answer, but boy oh boy am I in trouble when Alexis gets into school. I might have to pull a Billy Madison and have a 2 week refresher before she starts each grade. Maybe Sarah can tutor me in Elementary Math since it will be fresh in her mind... all my math is surrounded by dusty cobwebs!

(p.s. it took Matt about 30 seconds to figure out, I guess we know who will be helping Alexis with her math homework. haha)


Victoria said...

what is lexi being for halloween this year?

alicia426 said...

a lady bug!!