Monday, October 20, 2008

There is a nature center across the street from our Apartment and they had a big fall fair yesterday and a pumpkin patch so we headed over to get some pumpkins! It was really cute, I am going to have to take Alexis over there one day when it isn't so crowded. They have nature trails to walk on and they have a little wildlife information center with snakes and frogs and birds that light up. She loved the snakes...weird! we picked out some pumpkins. Lexi kept picking up little ones and throwing them on the ground saying"ball!". Try explaining that a pumpkin and a ball are not the same thing to an 18 month old! We came home and gutted and carved the pumpkins, well Matt and I gutted and carved them, Alexis walked around licking the tops of the pumpkins, which grossed me out but kept her busy. While we were taking pictures of our jack-o-lanterns the munchkin fell and hit her head on the fence. This is her first big tumble. she didn't say "Boom" after this one, she cried for about 5 minutes and she had a scratch and a little bruise last night. but when she got up this morning it grew!! Now she has a nasty blackeye. the poor baby. She won't let me get anywhere near her with frozen peas to ice it so she is going to be walking around for a while looking battered and bruised. Everytime I look at her eye I run up and give her a big hug, it makes me want to cry... she has already forgotten about it, it isn't bothering her at all, but I still feel so bad! here are some pictures of our nice day at the pumpkin patch and her subsequent injury with pics from last night and this morning:

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