Saturday, November 1, 2008


Happy Halloween! I like Halloween... what other day of the year can you dress up and dress your baby up like anything you want and it be acceptable. Huntington Beach shut down Main Street and had every blow up maze, game, and jumper known to man set up allover the street, so we headed there since Alexis is too little for trick or treating. It was fun, very crowded but fun. Lexi was running around like a crazy baby, looking at all the kids costumes and all the dogs dressed up. She kept ripping her hat off (less wind resistance for running around) We taught her to say Bzzzz (do ladybugs even buzz?) someone asked me if I made her costume, I tried very very hard not to laugh, Martha Stewart I am not. Everyone out here dresses up! All day doing errands, everywhere I went people were dressed up, it really was fun!

So the thing that bothered me were the costumes these little girls were wearing, not little little girls but definitely pre-teen or just-teen. I couldn't believe the lack of costume, bandanas as shirts paired with micro-mini skirts - just what the heck are you supposed to be?- it was ridiculous. I can't get over it. when I was that age I always was a hippy, my dad's old navy dog tags, a green burlap vest, a tye-died shirt and a headband and I was good to go, I loved that costume. even as I got older in High School, the costume I remember most is when I was an M&M (Thanks for the memory Erin). Even in college when slutty clothes ran rampant I don't think my friends' and my costumes were every very revealing. I was a "frat-boy" one year, a (non-slutty) pirate one year and a devil one year and a football player with my old powder puff jersey. I was astounded by these outfits! Don't these girls parents look at them before they leave the house? Matt thinks they change once they get out.

Anyway we had a nice night overall, we saw a bunch of cutie pies in costumes running around. There was a real little munchkin dressed up as a pepper I thought it was just the cutest thing ever! and a bunch of tinkerbells and mermaids running around. All in all everyone under 12 and over 20 looked great the 12-15 year olds made me sad, they are still kids, why try and look so much more "mature"...

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Kristin Maverick said...

You failed to mention the Mo bucket of candy!