Sunday, February 1, 2009

weekend fun!

I love where we live! I can't get over it that it is the beginning of February and we are spending our weekends on the beach! Alexis and I brought Matt to Jump N Jammin this weekend. It is an indoor baby superland and I don't know who had more fun, Alexis or Matt! Matt found the guns that you can fire little nerf balls at the unsuspecting kids and parents below and I think some kids walked out of that ball pit scarred for life, haha. It's funny how all the dads that were at Jump n Jammin yesterday gravitated towards the combative ball pit. Lexi climbed and slid and jumped and had frozen yogurt and had a great time! We decided to take the scenic route home and stopped at Laguna Beach to watch the sunset and explore a little. Matt found tide pools filled with sea creatures and Alexis found a playground in the sand shaped like a boat so all in all it was a succesful day! Weekends make me so happy, I love when we do things as a family and can really spend time enjoying each other's company! Today we are taking it easy and watching the superbowl from our apartment, Go Cardinals!!

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