Friday, February 6, 2009


Happy Friday!!! Alexis and I had a big week, 2 playdates, a music class and a couple trips to the park! We were going to try a new story time because the story lady at our other story time is evil, but when we got to the new library there was no parking. Not one space open! So we went around the corner and found a new playground which was fun. We also had a couple playdates and as always I am singing the praises of her music class. That class was the best thing I have ever done with her. She loves the interaction with the other kids her age and the singing and dancing. I love watching her eyes light up as she plays with the colorful scarves and maracas and everything in our apartment has now turned into a drum thanks to the class. She just loves it and I just love going there with her every week!

Tonight we are having Matt's friend from work and his girlfriend over for dinner so I am obviously procrastinating cooking by blogging. Keith and Stephanie are such a nice couple and hopefully they will survive my cooking so we can get together with them again sometime. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I cook everything thoroughly and don't send anyone to the bathroom with food poisoning tonight. haha. well I guess I should get cracking. Here are some pictures of Alexis helping me clean today for our company. She was great at cleaning Elmo her stuffed pig and her book. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


shannon lee said...

your little girl is absolutely adorable!

alicia426 said...

thanks, I like her!