Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adventures in Naked Baby Land!!!

Alexis looooves her baths and haaaates putting her pj's on after a bath. Here's some pictures of her naked play and trying to be cute so we won't put her pjs on, crazy girl. I also added some from Carly's visit! It was so good to see her and have a little east coast in my life, even if it was just for 1 weekend, One day she will be here for good, one day! (best line of the weekend: Chris telling college stories; " 'what sport do you play??' 'Does it really matter?' "


Anonymous said...

Looks like someone has been teaching her how to take a load of cum like a big girl :)

Anonymous said...

Easy there, Matt. Be a little more gentle. We don't want the neighbors to hear Lexi screaming when you fuck her. I'll go get the ball gag. But while I'm gone why don't you just put your hand over her mouth. Either that or gag her with your big cock until I get back.

Anonymous said...

already on her hands and knees just pull her diaper aside, hold her little hips and f--k her in the arse