Monday, January 5, 2009

Busch Gardens

We are still in Florida visiting my parents and having a great time. Yesterday we spent the day at Busch Gardens and it was a huge success! Alexis loved riding the train around the park and seeing all the animals, I was a little worried about her sitting still for a 30 minute train ride through the "jungle" but she did much better than I thought she would. She opened ate her raisins and cuddled with Daddy and Maude. Then she took a nap and the inner children in Mommy and Daddy came out to play! I had forgotten how much I love love love rollercoasters. we spent Lexi's afternoon going on rollercoasters, watching Matt torment my mom on Bumper Cars and cheering on my Dad as he won the baby a Care-Bear on the frog tossing game. When she woke up we climbed through this netted maze that was about 100 feet overground, Alexis loved it but Matt and I are still sore from all the bending and climbing (I guess our inner children can't save our adult bones from the rigors of aging). We are going to be heading home in a couple of days to post some more pictures but in the meantime I'll post some of our day at Busch Gardens!

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Aunite Sarah said...

She is getting so BIG!!!!!!!!!! Yeay for a fun trip to Florida!!! Now it is time for a fun trip to DC :)