Thursday, December 18, 2008

Internet?? I think not

Time Warner cable is really ticking me off. We pay way too much for cable and internet every month and we haven't had internet for almost two weeks. I have called them 4 times and they keep telling me there is a "white out" and they have people working on it. Forgive me if this is ignorant but this is their job, to fix internet problems, two weeks seems more than a little ridiculous to my for our internet to be down. A "white out" sounds like something that might be a common, easily fixable problem. Apparantly these people are just making sure they have great job security during the holiday season by telling all the customer service people that it should be back up by 6:00pm on any given night. Convenient that when it is not up at 6 there is no one in customer service to answer my call. Sorry for the vent I know no-one cares about my internet annoyance but that is why there have been no new pictures up lately. Thank goodness one of our neighbors has a wireless connection through someone other than Time Warner so I can weasel an hour or so a day to check my email... Whooooo thanks for being patient and reading all that whining. Here's a Lexi picture on our new bikes to reward everyone for being so nice.


MOMMY-MOMO said...

you dont pay while you cant use it do you? I wouldnt. I didnt when i had internet problems. i refuse to pay for a service I cant use. its their problem. That really sucks

Kristin Maverick said...

Alexis looks pissed at Time Warner too.

Auntie Meg said...

i got 6 months free internet at my old apartment for that shit cuz I told them I was not paying for the time it was down or the whole bill since I am paying for conveience and a service that they provide. somehow I ended up w 6 months free...try it!