Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

Cinnamon Buns, wrapping paper and Elmo... what more could a baby want out of one morning!? Lexi was up at 7:30 and was calm for about 15 minutes untill she got a load of what was under the tree! As soon as she saw the scooter it was all over! I had to drag Matt out of bed so she could unwrap her gifts but all she wanted to do was sit on the scooter! We finally got her going with the wrapper tearing and she was getting so excited for every present, it made my heart smile! She unwrapped the stuff dog from Grandma and started woofing and yelling "DOG", she opened the drum and immediately started banging away, and forget about it once she opened Elmo, as soon as she saw the box all we heard all morning was "MO MO MO MO". She has been climbing in and out of her new wagon all morning and on and off the scooter, I wish it was dry out so we could take her for a ride. Both her and Matt are tuckered out and lounging on the couch right now before we head out to the Ambrosetti's. hope everyone is having as nice of a morning as we are!

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