Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

This year for Christmas we hoofed it (winged it, actually) to Virginia. Auntie Sarah and Uncle Steve's little present arrived a little early and we went out to see them and our adorable little nephew! No one was more excited to meet him than Lexi. Every so often she would look out the window of the plane and say "I'm coming Baby Benjamin!" I have never seen her wash her hands nor be such a good listener as when Baby Benjamin was around. She took her role as Big Cousin very seriously and was an excellent example to the baby of how he should behave. Of course now we are home and back to my recognizable attitude-filled 5-year-old. Although, now in addition to her whining, there are added pleas for a baby brother or sister. I realize now that her excellent baby behavior was a carefully planned trap to try and trick us into thinking that the behavior would be permanent if we gave her a brother or sister. Not going to fool me this time little one!!

As usual being an only-child payed off under the Christmas Tree (note to self: Christmas loot is an excellent example about how she would benefit by remaining an only-child) and the little leprechaun found quite the pot of gold. There will be no complaints of boredom in our house for quite some time!!
(presents, you say?)

While in VA we also hit up The Air and Space Museum and The Museum of Natural History in DC, both of which were a major hit! Matt took her on a space exploration ride and I'm not sure she even remembers the planes and shuttles hanging from the ceiling because she thinks she traveled to space! She got to make friends with some butterflies at the Natural History Museum and was very critical of the lack of blood and guts in the fighting animal exhibits (No more Discovery Channel for that one!). When we started getting concerned looks from other parents that our daughter may one day grow up to be a serial killer we hotfooted it outta there! Honestly what little girl who is obsessed with princesses gets angry over the lack of realism with a lion biting a gazelle's neck?

All in all a very memorable and happy holiday spent with family!!!

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