Friday, April 9, 2010


Once again Easter has come and gone and that wonderful bunny left lots of goodies. It's a love/hate relationship with the bunny, my stomach loves him, my waistline does not (spoiler alert: my stomach wins 9 times out of 10).

We took Lexi to Irvine Park Railroad Eggstravaganza on Saturday and had friends over for a little good old fashioned face-stuffing on Sunday. Both were a lot of fun. I love watching Alexis become more and more established in her personality. Gone is the little girl who stood back at last years Easter Egg hunt and had to rely on another kind-hearted kid to share his candy, because she was too timid to go out and get her own. In that little girl's place is a chocolate-hungry candy monster!! The kids are only allowed to take 8 eggs each so there is sure to be enough for all, at one point Matt was trailing behind her removing 1 egg from her basket everytime she picked another up! After she got her share of the loot, she got to decorate a cookie, jump in a bounce house and the coolest of all (coolest to an almost 3 year-old, her almost 28 year-old mother was MUCH more impressed with the sugary goods)the train ride!!!! We waited inline for 20 minutes and the whole ride she was choo-chooing. Irvine Park Railroad is one of my favoite places to take her all year round, they just have so much for her to do: feeding the ducks, going to the OC Zoo, playgrounds, paddleboats, picnic areas and, of course, the train!

After IPR I sent an email out inviting our friends over on Sunday for an impromptu dinner. I didn't think many would be able to come because of the short notice but was wonderfully surprised when we had 10 people come! Some of the guys went hiking while Steph and I hung back and cooked. It was a great day, relaxed and stress-free, as all holidays should be. We broke out the fine china (paper plates) and our best crystal (Plastic cups and winetasting glasses)and had a great time!

I don't have any pictures of Dinner but I have more than enough of our Eggstravaganza adventure!

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