Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome Sunny!

Well, I have been pretty absent from the blogging realm and this is the reason why:

Meet Sunny! She is a yellow lab and the new terror of the Caldwell household. Alexis Loves Loves Loves dogs and we thought, now that she is 2 and a half and has a much better grasp on being able to defend herself it is time to get a dog! We thought wrong. Matt (and I love him with every ounce of my heart) came home from getting his haircut and said "Want to go look at a dog?" Well we loaded up into the car and made the trek to the petstore and fell in love with the sweet puppy. She was so well behaved that first night, just a love sponge, and I thought, ' awwww this is going to be great, Norman Rockwell shold be taking notes'.

The next day, my husband (who I love very dearly) left on business for 2 weeks. and when he left he took our dog's sweet demeanor and my sanity with him. Sunny the Saint was a saint no longer. Not only did the dog change but I miraculously made the switch from loving mother to frustrated Circus Ring Leader. My life was altered irreversably and is now a neverending circle of pulling baby off dog, dog off couch, baby off counter, dog out of toy box, baby off dog, dog out of bedroom, baby out of fridge, dog off baby etc etc etc. I've been told before that I have a slight problem with being assertive and I think it is pretty safe to say that never in my 28 years have I said the word "NO!" so much.

Now that we have had the dog for a month and neither the baby, the dog or Matt is sick anymore (oh yea, did I mention that when Matt got back from two weeks of business trips he was sick for another week?)things are getting a little easier. we've discovered that Lexi loves dogs, but loves to instigate dogs more. We've also learned that despite every stranger in the street giving you their unwanted opinions on what you are doing wrong when training your dog, a 3 month old puppy CAN be housetrained and learn not to jump on people. We've also learned that Marly and Me should be required viewing/reading for anyone considering getting a labrador, because the junk that the dog eats was not exagerrated at all in the movie, in case you were skeptical, don't be.

Here are some pictures of our new addition that I took in some rare moments of down time between banging my head against a wall and planning my escape to Mexico.

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