Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Alexis Leigh!!

Alexis turned 2 on April 26th. I don't believe my sweet little baby girl is two years old! She is getting so big, it's like a toddler ate my infant. and boy oh boy has she hit the ground running with the "terrible two's". I swear the morning she woke up on her second birthday her eyes opened to a new found attitude. She tells me "Mommy, NO!" all the time. She makes messes on purpose then says "Clean, Mommy" She has started throwing herself bodily on the floor kicking punching and screaming if She doesn't like what I have to tell her. She is a piece of work and it is taking every shred of patience I have some days not to put her out by the park with a 'Baby $5.00 or best offer' sign. I kid I kid, but if this is any indication of how she is going to be once she hits her teenage years then maybe I should consider it.

For her birthday we had promised her to take her to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse so we got all loaded up in the car and went to Anaheim to go see The mouse and his friends. We got there and it was a beautiful day. We walked around the park and Matt and I were sorely dissapointed. We kept asking where all the characters were? Where all the rides were? This was NOT the Disney of our youth (wow, that made me sound like a crotchity old lady). We just couldn't believe it! There were almost no rides or shows and the park was so small! After walking around for a few hours we sat down to eat some lunch and started talking to the family next to us. She mentioned something about taking a train ride with her kids, which sparked my interest and I asked her where that ride was and her response... it was at Disneyland! Apparantly we had spent the whole day walking around California Adventure Park (not an entirely accurate name, not much of an adventure) thinking it was Disney. Matt and I had quite the head smacking moment.

We then tried to go over to Disneyland because we had promised our daughter Mickey for her second birthday and had bought the 2-fer tickets (you pay for one park visit and can go to the other for free on another day). So we moseyed our silly behinds over to the correct Disney park, only to be told that we couldn't do both parks in the same day. Matt went over to talk to the people at customer relations and they told him "Tough Luck". So we spent the rest of the day at California Adventure and headed back to Disneyland the following weekend with Keith and Steph and it was MUCH more like the Disney we remembered. Lexi got to see Mickey Mouse, although like the awful mother I am I wasn't standing on line for a half hour with an impatient toddler to take a picture, we'll go back during the week one day and take pictures with the characters when it isn't overrun with tourists. We got to go on It's a Small World (lucky Matt got to ride it twice, by the end of the second go around he was clinging to the shred of sanity he still had intact). We also took her on a safari boat ride and quite a few others! Matt chowed down on a... no kidding honest to goodness whole turkey leg. After round two at Disney we went out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory which was fantastic as always, we all had to be rolled out of the restaurant and Alexis didn't even make it through the meal, she fell asleep in the booth. Our second weekend was a much more succesful birthday celebration than Lexi's actual birthday weekend and we all had a great time!

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